Shopping For Motorsport Wheels and Tyres – What You Need To Know

Today almost everyone has custom wheels, from your mate who lives down the road, to the delivery driver who brings your pizza. However, buying performance wheels and tyres is a bit trickier. In this brief guide, we will tell you how to shop for the right motorsport wheels and tyres for your performance vehicle.


Backspacing is Important

While the goal of many performance tyre buyers is to fit the biggest, fattest tyres possible, you’ll need to start with the wheels. Most people can easily measure wheel width and diameter, but when it comes to using wide, meaty tyres, backspacing is equally important.


Backspacing is the distance between the innermost wheel lip and the mounting flange; by fitting your rims and tyres as far in as possible, you’ll give your supercar a low, aggressive stance.


Measure Carefully

In the performance world, the goal is to fit as much wheel and tyre under the wheel wells as possible. When buying motorsport wheels and tyres online or from local tyre companies, measure carefully (even if you have to do it two or three times), and pick a set that fits. If you’re considering lowering your car’s ride height, do so before buying your tyres and wheels; reduced height affects tyre clearance in the front. Just as is true in construction, when buying wheels and tyres, measure twice for the best results!